Whitecastle is the capital of The Borderlands. It used to be the capital of the Traflagar Kingdom, but it lost the right when the "sixth king", Veirom Vladiok, was assassinated.

Early HistoryEdit

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Traflagar Kingdom

The Borderlands

Founded in

First Mention

8 NK

7 ST


Inside Walls



12 km2, 4.6 sq mi

20 km2, 7.7 sq mi

Population 42246

Period Information

Time Period

0 - 6 ST

It is said that Whitecastle was the first settlement to be established in the realm. What is known is that the first settlers of Traflagar landed on the northwestern shore, at what then became Port Vladiok. The settlers are said to have found shelter in the hollow halls and eventually settled, but it is not a recorded fact. The first recorded history of Whitecastle dates to year 6 ST, the year of the flood. The events of that year were recorded in the book "Forever Forgotten", written by the fourteen year old orphan Jernim Vladiok, the first king.

The Three EldersEdit

Whitecastles was during the early years ruled by the Three Elders. How they got into power is unknown, but it is said they came from the south. They are documented to have possessed magical powers. The books The King of Time, by Grejory Smirno and The Dawn of Time, by Lebed Vol cover these topics.

The Elders FloodEdit

It is not known what caused the flood, but Forever Forgotten claims that the elders suddenly left the village to preform a ritual on what came to be called mount moro and that two days later, The Borderlands was flooded. It is believed that the water came from mount moro, which at the time is believed to have been completely filled with water. When the water came the villagers climbed to the top of the hollow halls. There they stayed for nine months, many starved to death.

The Castle YearsEdit

Period Information
Time Period 8 ST - 75 NK

About 620 people survived the year of the flood. Because of the fear of another flood, the village never moved down again.

The Rise of the Time KingEdit

Jernim Vladiok was an orphan. He had lived on the streets his whole life, observing his surroundings. This gave him a deep knowledge of human behaviour and society. During the flood he would move around the village helping out whenever he could. He had a reputation of being a bright, goodhearted and helpful person. When the flood ended the village was left without leadership. Jernim seized this opportunity and proclaimed him self the first king. And he named the village, Hollow Halls.